5 TOP-RATED eyelash serums that we recommend! [RANKING]

An eyelash serum is a foolproof way for getting extra density and length without the help of a beautician. A good product can work wonders and transform your look completely. How to choose the perfect option among so many available on the beauty market? Which criteria should you follow when choosing the right product for you? Is there a true gem that is sure to work for you? Choosing an eyelash serum that works for you in every way is not an easy task which is why we decided to simplify it for you and point out products worth going for.

A good lash serum – effects that astound

  • lengthens and thickens,
  • ensures proper hydration,
  • helps get rid of the lash loss problem,
  • allows to achieve better effects in makeup.

Here’s our ranking of the top-rated lash serums!



FOR WHOM? Nanolash Eyelash Serum is a unique solution for those who struggle with thin, short lashes but don’t want to use a specialist’s help or get eyelash extensions. The product’s formula is not only pleasant but, most importantly, completely safe so even those with sensitive eyes or allergy sufferers are welcome to use it. 

EFFECTIVENESS: Nanolash Eyelash Serum doubles the length of lashes in just a month! The effects of systematic use cannot go unnoticed. The composition includes natural constituents that take care of hair strengthening as well as regeneration. Thanks to this lash serum, the lashes become more enhanced and darker so you won’t need to additionally highlight them. However, if you go for mascara, you can expect remarkable effects! The lash serum doesn’t cause any side effects and is easy to use. More information about the product www.nanolash.com


FOR WHOM? For every user who wishes to have twice as long lashes and is looking for a product with an easy application.

EFFECTIVENESS: This unique lash serum ensures the desired density and increases the volume of your lashes so there is no need for your makeup to be as time-consuming. You’re able to apply the serum to your hairs in just a few seconds and the results will surely astound you. The composition of the lash serum is enriched with natural ingredients which is something we love. Soy and wheat germ extracts, arginine and baicalein as well as peptide complex care for the proper hydration levels, stimulate lash growth and inhibit ageing processes. Lashcode Eyelash Serum is all about strengthening hair follicles and rejuvenating lashes! Learn more www.lashcode.us


FOR WHOM? For allergy sufferers, vegans and those with sensitive skin. Will work well if you have weak and thin lashes that need deep nourishment.

EFFECTIVENESS: This strengthening lash serum protects lashes against damage. Its composition contains active nanopeptides, B group vitamins as well as valuable plant extracts. The product can be used even when you wear lash extensions – you can be sure that it won’t dissolve the glue. Thanks to this stimulating serum, lashes get longer and stronger. The product is efficient and easy to use. It’s equipped with a handy precision brush that ensures effortless application. 


FOR WHOM? For women who want to enhance their lashes and additionally nourish them. Can be used by those with sensitive skin.

EFFECTIVENESS: This lengthening and strengthening serum improves the condition of your lashes. The product has been tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically. It’s safe for sensitive skin and you won’t have to worry about getting any irritation while using it. The Revitalash enhancer can also be used on eyebrows. It contains numerous nourishing substances such as biotin or pumpkin seed extract. If you want really good effects, you should use it for about 4-8 weeks.


FOR WHOM? A regenerating lash conditioner that will work for those who want to enhance the volume of their eyelashes. Safe for vegans and allergy sufferers.

EFFECTIVENESS: This lash growth serum lengthens and takes care of eyelashes – the first effects are visible after 28 days. The product helps darken and make lashes less patchy. Its composition includes natural ingredients that emphasize lashes and prevent their loss. It’s hypoallergenic and mild for the skin. The conditioner has a vegan formula that provides proper hydration.

Lash serum – which one to choose: 3 steps to find your perfect match

  1. Composition – good lash serum should have a good ingredient list to get your hairs the right care with no irritation or allergy reactions.
  2. Opinions – before you choose a product, it is always worth reading through other customers’ opinions.
  3. Type of lashes – if you happen to have fragile, thin lashes, make sure that your makeup bag always contains a product able to nourish and strengthen your lashes. Are your lashes already long enough but you wish for them to be more hydrated? Go for a product with ingredients that are moisturisers.

A good eyelash serum should be a crucial element in your everyday care as it’s able to restore a healthy, youthful appearance of your eyelashes. It’s also a great way to grow longer lashes. We hope our ranking helps you in choosing the perfect lash serumin order to nurture even the weakest hairs.