Apricot kernel oil – shine for your hair!

What is apricot kernel oil?

Apricot kernel oil is obtained in the cold pressing of apricot kernels. If for cosmetic use, oil should be unrefined – thanks to it, oil will preserve all vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which are going to be able to freely penetrate hair structure.

Why should you use hair oils?

Natural oils are the best thing you can choose for hair care. Only those are capable of nourishing and regenerating both hair and scalp. Oils work at the source of the problem with hair, while balms or conditioners for hair work is only superficial. Apricot kernel oil is one of the best oils for hair care, while having also marvellous and gentle scent. Due to advantage of oleic acid in omega-9 group, apricot kernel oil is recommended for hair with medium porosity.

What’s in composition of apricot kernel oil?

Apricot kernel oil contains about 66% of oleic acid in omega-9 group. Thanks to it, oil’s particles are perfect for medium porosity hair structure, that have slightly raised cuticles. This hair type requires care with oils consisting of omega-7 or omega-9 acids. What is more, apricot kernel oil contains vitamins A, B and E. Vitamin E is vitamin of youth. Without it, hair would be weak, fall out and lose the density. Vitamin A provides hair with faster growth and strengthening. Vitamins in B group are the most relevant vitamins for hair, because their deficit causes hair loss, brittleness and gloss loss.

How does apricot kernel oil work on hair?

Thanks to monounsaturated fatty acids in the composition as well as precious vitamins, apricot kernel oil regenerates and strengthens hair, protects it against unfavourable atmospheric factors. It ensures gloss and takes care of scalp. Moreover, it prevents absorption of toxins from the environment. Apricot kernel oil makes hair gain strength and beautiful appearance allowing hair to grow stronger.

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