How to contour the face? – A few simple rules

All the elements of appearance that you do not like, you can correct with contouring. The right type of shading allows you to optically change your face shape. Face contouring is an art that you can learn. Once you gain some proficiency in it, it may turn out to not be as difficult as it may seem.

We usually contour the face for special occasions because we simply do not have time on a daily basis. We usually do not use this technique for regular make-up. Similar functions have eyeshadows. As you can see, its elements can be used unwarily.

What is the contouring about?

For contouring, you can use three products: darkening, brightening, and highlighting. The type of contouring you choose depends on your preferences. The type of make-up you like the most.

The most natural effect is provided by brightening. On the other hand, highlighting is best for the evening make-up. Face contouring shouldn’t be noticeable. Face features change slightly so you need to put the effort.

Face contouring uses light. Exposes what is highlighted and conceals what is darkened. The best are concealer and foundation. Those do not have to be products made for the specific task.

Brightening products

For brightening best is concealer, powder, or foundation. It is the best concealer because you can apply it under the eyes. How to choose the shade? It is best when it’s close to the color of your skin.

Darkening product

Best use the dark concealer or foundation. You can choose wet or dry products but remember that dry cosmetics are more difficult to spread. What is more, wet cosmetics have definitely longer wear. Do not forget that dry products should be set with wet ones and the other way round.

It is the most important for the product to be matte in every case. Otherwise, it will not be recommended for face contouring. You should never use cosmetics with a too warm tone. Its shade should be cold or neutral because you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

Highlighting products

The right highlighting cosmetics shouldn’t be too light or too dark for your skin. This product should slightly reflect the light so it shouldn’t contain glitter. If you choose the incorrect shade, it will never look the way it should.

How to apply all cosmetics?

You should start with a darkening product, always. When you contour your face make sure that the source of light is in front of you. Otherwise, you will not be able to do it correctly or symmetrically. You can focus on only the chosen parts of the face and you do not have to contour the whole face.

Use fluffy and slightly pointed brushes. Large brushes for the face and smaller ones for precise contouring of eyes and nose areas.

Face contouring for various parts of the face


Usually, women want cheeks to be slim and contour the face with the use of blusher not even realizing that it is contouring! Most of all, the blusher makes the face look refreshed so it is young and healthy-looking while making the cheeks stand out a bit.

Over the darkened parts of the face, you should use blusher. You should always apply it starting at the height of the nose lobe and drag it subtly upwards. It’s really simple. The greatest concentration of the color should be by the ear and it should get lighter bit by bit.

Over the blusher, you need to use a highlighter (at the top of the cheekbones). The closer to the middle of the cheek the color should get lighter.


The forehead is a common issue for women. it’s too high, too wide, and so on… However, those features can be corrected. If you think that your forehead is too high, darken the skin by the hairline and gently spread the cosmetic downwards. Most of the cosmetic apply to the sides if your problem is a wide forehead.


Most women complain about too wide a nose. You can obviously do something about it with contouring. In such a case, you need to apply most of the product to the sides and lobes. The best for the task is a small fluffy brush just as the one you use for eye make-up.

Second chin

Darken the skin of the neck starting from the ear and going down towards the chin. Do not use any highlighters or brightening products because you do not want to make anything stand out.

As you can see, you can learn face contouring and providing depth to the face. You can correct all imperfections if you only learn the rules.

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