Print a pattern on your nails with Nailbot!

Beautiful and creative manicure lovers surly dream about getting up one day and be able to change nail pattern like with magical wand. Or maybe few clicks? Thanks to Preemadonna it is possible! Nailbot is an innovative, handy printer for nails. Sounds improbable and even more improbable is how does it work.


Nailbot is a first step towards true revolution in cosmetic business, because it introduces world of perfect manicure to the entirely new and even more accessible stage. In few years inventions like this one can utterly change manicure as we know it and beauticians will have less work. For now, mainly because of very high prises, we can only add them to our wish list.

Where does Nailbot phenomenon come from?


This modern equipment, that came from Preemadonna which handles robotics, is nothing else, but device printing directly on nail plate. First you paint nail with chosen colour and then place the nail in a right spot on the printer. After attaching smartphone and choosing pattern you can proceed with printing. Whole manicure lasts only few minutes and there is no risk of crooked pattern.


Application of pattern was never that simple. Nailbot printer can print any pattern out of enormous amount of patterns prepared by Preemadonna or a picture uploaded out of private picture collection. Nailbot is very handy, co-operates with smartphone and is easy in use. Thanks to it we can have emoticon, slice of pizza or effective feather on our nails. Nailbot printer will make you apply patterns on your manicure everyday without any greater effort!

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