Ranking of Pure Oils: We Found Best Castor Oil for Faster Hair, Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth

Damaged hair, brittle nails, weak lashes? You can care for all of them with castor oil. This has been the best natural beauty product for many years. Few people know, though, that castor bean oil perfectly cleans the face and conditions acne skin! Check the wide range of its uses and amazing benefits it brings. Choose the best castor oil for hair, lashes, brows, and nails.

Castor oil: ingredients, effects, properties

This thick oil is effortlessly applied on the lashes and brows, and it doesn’t run down the nails. You can mix it with other oils. Castor oil is a natural antiseptic which extends the life of your natural beauty products, and it does not go rancid! Because it’s water-soluble, it can be a base for lighter-weight blends of oils working ideally for face care or fine, easily weighed-down hair.

Do you know that castor oil is really extraordinary? It contains unique ricinoleic acid which is not found in any other oil. Thanks to the acid, the oil has a moisturizing and antibacterial effect. It is also a rich source of vitamins: A, E, B. What beauty benefits does it bring?

  • it ramps up levels of moisture in the skin
  • it strengthens hair and makes it shine
  • it stimulates faster growth
  • it minimizes acne and pigmentation marks
  • it reduces oiliness of hair
  • it is a good skin cleanser

Castor oil: uses

Everybody knows castor oil is a powerful hair-growth oil. Do you know other uses for the oil, though? This is an all-round beauty product.


It’s the best oil to promote hair growth. It’s a great hair oil treatment: rub it into the scalp minimum fifteen minutes before washing to stimulate the follicles to work and strengthen the hair throughout the length.


Castor oil enhances the growth of eyelashes and thickens the eyebrows. It nourishes and strengthens the hairs perfectly. Some castor oils come with spoolies to easily apply the oil on lashes and brows.


Castor oil is perfect for skin. You can use it to care for your body and face. It turns out to be a miracle worker for acne-prone skin and to replenish moisture in dry complexion. Castor oil has antibacterial effects and protects against loss of water. Thanks to the amazing properties it reduces inflammation and clears the skin, restoring its natural pH.


 Castor bean oil strengthens brittle, very thin, splitting nails, makes them more resilient and resistant to damage.

TOP 5 RANKING: Best Castor Oils to Enhance Beauty

1. Nanoil Castor Oil

SIZE: 50 ml

Nanoil - the best castor oil

Number one among natural oils! The winner has emerged and we have no doubts about that: Nanoil Castor Oil is the best-seller with the top ratings. It is cold-pressed and unrefined to keep all of the beneficial nutrients so you can get the maximum effects and a wonderful product for lashes, hair, brows, body and nails. This oil is also suitable for the popular OCM, that is oil cleansing method. Nanoil Castor Oil is organic certified, free from chemicals, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free.

An elegant glass bottle is filled with 100% pure castor oil with the Ecocert mark. This oil is made for your beauty routine: because it’s lightweight, it is fully absorbed by the hair and skin, not having a comedogenic effect or leaving a greasy feel.

Use it whenever you want to enhance the hair, clean the scalp or thoroughly remove make-up. Nanoil Castor Oil is also perfect for eyelashes, eyebrows, and nails. The product is going to help you stop hair thinning and improve acne-prone complexion. This is the best castor oil which greatly moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, plus minimizes appearance of post-acne marks. It has antiseptic effect, neutralizes activity of free radicals, reduces irritations, as well as encourages cell renewal and faster hair growth.

Would you like to try Nanoil Castor Oil? Place an order with home delivery through www.nanoil.us.

2. Earth To You Certified Organic Castor Oil

SIZE: 100 ml

This is a popular and at the same time the priciest castor oil. Certified Organic Castor Oil has been launched by the London brand, Earth To You. The oil is packed in an eye-catching luxury bottle which surely ramps up the price of the product, making it cost more than some prestigious face cream.

Despite the price, it can’t be denied: you get pure, cold-pressed, unrefined castor oil. The Earth To You praise themselves for selling oils from eco-friendly farms in India. Many people decide to pay the big price for organic castor oil with the USDA certificate.

The oil’s quality is high just like its price. The Earth To You Castor Oil has multiple uses: it works for hair, brows, lashes, skin, and nails. You get a nylon brush to easily apply the oil on lashes and brows (we don’t know if it’s made from biodegradable and safe material), and a dropper to comfortably measure out the amount of oil you need.

3. Ecla Skin Care 100% Castor Oil

SIZE: 60 ml

The Ecla Castor Oil is – like other oils  we present – organic and produced by cold-pressing. It has good quality and is popular among consumers. Thanks to the method of extraction, the oil keeps all essential ingredients of the castor plant.

The product is suitable to use on hair, lashes, and eyebrows. It works as a grooming product for beard and moustache because it has antiseptic properties. The Ecla Castor Oil is also a great hair growth booster, working well for any hair type. It enhances skin, particularly aging, combination and acne-prone complexion. The Ecla Skin Care Castor Oil is thick so you need to rinse it well after the hair treatment; otherwise, it is going to weigh hair down and take volume away.

4. Asombroso Pure BIO Castor Oil

SIZE: 100 ml

Asombroso Castor Oil comes in a nice big bottle, which attracts many consumers. This natural oil is very thick so you may have problems with applying it at first: it requires some patience and time to wash it out of hair. It is a good brow, lash and nail enhancer, though.

The Asombroso Castor Oil works well for body massage: it leaves a greasy coating on the skin which makes the hands glide smoothly across the body. Additionally, it can be mixed with other pure oils to remove make-up or treated as natural treatment for nicer lashes and brows.

5. Satin Naturel Castor Oil

SIZE: 200 ml

We finish our roundup with organic castor oil by Satin Naturel. It’s a vegan-friendly oil extracted through cold-pressing – natural and pure like other oils we present here. Because it comes in a large bottle, it’s a popular pick for hair and body care. The bottle is very elegant and you get a convenient pump applicator for easier use.

Naturally, the packaging isn’t the most important. Pure castor oil by Satin Naturel has a good effect because it’s free from unnecessary chemicals, parabens, synthetics, etc. It fulfils multiple roles: moisturizes the skin, helps remove blemishes, aids acne treatment, strengthens split nails, and minimizes dandruff. Still, it’s best for growing longer and thicker hair, lashes and brows.