Two Clever Tricks to Have Stunning Hair & Healthy Eyelashes

This happens to all of us. While taking care of good looks, we can easily go… too far. We both care for and (often unconsciously) destroy what nature has presented us with. It is clearly visible by looking at hair growing both on head and eyelids. Surprisingly, using two simple hacks is enough to keep lashes and hair beautiful and healthy. What are these?

Beauty in your own hands – a few words about scalp massage & keeping your hands off eyelashes

Hair likes massage…

Hair equals thousands tiny bulbs which are nonstop covered by the layer of hair, sebum, styling products buildup and a hat in winter. It’s worth stimulating them to work and improve the blood flow in the skin that they sit in by treating it to a massage from time to time – preferably combined with a home hair oil treatment (a therapy which resembles applying a hair mask yet it focuses on applying the oil mostly to scalp to increase blood flow, followed by spreading it on lengths). Thanks to that, hair grows thicker, stronger and fuller whereas the growth itself is much faster. Also, oils block hair loss and purify the scalp.

… eyelashes don’t like it

Neither oils nor massage will take care of your eyelid skin or lashes; only a specially-designed eyelash growth serum can strengthen them. How so? An oil will get inside your eyes causing disturbed vision, irritations, not nourishing lashes. In the case of tiny hair, it is obviously important to work on the bulbs yet the massage makes no sense. That’s why an eyelash enhancing serum was made – it comes with a tiny brush applicator which spreads the product along the lash line. The serum penetrates skin and reaches tiny bulbs reinforcing them and stimulating growth. An eyelash serum affects even the bulbs that were asleep so far promoting growth and making the entire lash line fuller-looking. The best eyelash growth serum is able to darken, thicken and noticeably extend lashes and its application is really comfy – you simply apply it once a day in the evening to dry and clean eyelid skin; consequently, you enjoy healthy, long and mind-blowing lashes after just a few weeks.