Recommended eyebrow lamination kits – RANKING 

DIY eyebrow lamination – what does that mean? This is simply eyebrow lamination at home. Before, this treatment was only done in beauty salons, but nowadays you can also do it in the comfort of your home. We’re all for it! At-home brow lamination allows you to save money and time, and gives a lot of satisfaction, too! However, not all brow lamination kits have easy instructions and are suitable for everyone. Which brow lift kit should you choose? We have a few suggestions for you! Check our ranking of recommended sets for eyebrow lamination and style your brows for many weeks to come!

DIY eyebrow lamination- is it possible to laminate your eyebrows at home? 

Of course, it is! The innovative DIY eyebrow lamination kits are ideal for both home and beauty salon use. If you dream of perfectly styled, elegant-looking eyebrows – choose a good eyebrow lift kit, thanks to which you can do this treatment by yourself at home. Your eyebrows will be perfectly styled for many weeks! 

How to choose the best home eyebrow lamination set? 

You don’t have to search for it anymore! To save your time, we have prepared for you the ranking of the best products designed for eyebrow lamination. Check which at-home eyebrow lamination kit is the best. Go for the quality, an easy application method and the effects that exceed your expectations!

How did we rank the sets for eyebrow lamination? 

At-home eyebrow lamination is not difficult at all if you have a good and recommended eyebrow lamination kit. In our ranking, we have considered many kits and rated them according to a few criteria:

  1. Quality – the high quality of the products ensures terrific effects and safety for the skin and hairs.
  2. Ease of use – an essential aspect of an at-home treatment.
  3. Price – a good eyebrow lift set does not have to be expensive!
  4. Content – the set should be complete and include all necessary accessories.
  5. Efficiency – the set should last for many applications!
  6. Reviews from other users – we checked to see if each product could be called a recommended at-home eyebrow lamination kit. What effects have other people received?

Conclusion: A good home eyebrow lamination kit will meet your expectations and ensure long-lasting effects. Which DIY eyebrow lamination product should you choose? Check which eyebrow lamination kit is the best at a great price!

Recommended eyebrow lamination kits RANKING

1. Nanobrow Lamination Kit

  • Price – favourable for the buyer
  • Efficiency – 10 applications
  • Reviews – very positive; this is a recommended eyebrow lamination kit
  • Effects after lamination – up to 6 weeks

The winner of the ranking of home eyebrow lamination products is Nanobrow Lamination Kit. This kit allows you to laminate eyebrows at home quickly and effortlessly: the entire treatment takes a maximum of 20 minutes and is, surprisingly, really easy to use. The task is made easier by precise, clear instructions and numbered bottles. As a result, you know exactly what to do, step by step. The affordable price and high quality make this eyebrow lamination kit of a really high standard. The product is so good and ensures such wonderful effects that it is even used in beauty salons. 

The review of the Nanobrow Lamination Kit

Maximum efficiency and wonderful effects that last up to 2 months. These are undoubtedly the characteristics of a good brow lamination set. If you are looking for quality and an easy application method, the eyebrow lamination set from Nanobrow will surely meet your expectations. This is a wonderful at-home eyebrow lamination kit that requires no additional foil and is even recommended by professionals!

2. RefectoCil Brow Lamination

  • Price – very high
  • Efficiency- up to 10 treatments
  • Reviews – quite good
  • Effects after lamination – up to 6 weeks maximum

This popular brow lamination kit from RefectoCil is a product from the brand known for its eyebrow tinting products. The kit is even recommended for use in beauty salons. You will find everything necessary to laminate the eyebrows yourself at home. What’s more, you get an impractical bowl and eye pads that are not very useful. These are unfortunately unnecessary accessories that only cause the price of the set to be higher. This is an effective and good set for eyebrow lamination and the effects are really satisfying. However, you have to consider the fact that this set is designed for beauty salons. At home, it can be quite complicated. The instructions are not clear, and the time of the treatment – rather long.

The review of the RefectoCil Brow Lamination

RefectoCil Brow Lamination is a professional eyebrow lift kit. Go for it if you are interested in purchasing eyebrow lamination sets for a beauty salon. Many users think that it ensures satisfying effects in eyebrow lamination. However, the price is too high, and the instructions – too complicated. 

3. THUYA Brow Lamination Kit

  • Price – high
  • Efficiency- 12 applications
  • Reviews – quite good
  • Effects after eyebrow lamination – up to 5 weeks maximum

Our ranking of home eyebrow lamination sets couldn’t have gone without mentioning this product. This eyebrow-lifting set is not only suitable for lamination but also for colouring the eyebrows. The set looks a little different: the products aren’t contained in jars but in the sachets. There are 12 sachets of gel, 12 sachets of neutraliser, a special preparation Pre-Smoothing Brow, a colouring agent and an activator in a cream. So there are really a lot of products in the package, which can be problematic for less experienced people. 

The review of the eyebrow lamination kit by Thuya

This is the professional eyebrow lamination kit. Unfortunately, the price is high and the sachets are impractical for home use: if you don’t use up the product, you’ll just have to throw it away because the formula only lasts for 12 hours. 

4. ICONSIGN Brow Lift Lamination Kit

  • Price – quite low
  • Efficiency – 8-10 applications
  • Reviews – pretty good
  • Effects after eyebrow lamination – 4 weeks maximum

This is a commonly chosen and recommended kit for home eyebrow lamination. It contains all the necessary accessories and products, thanks to which you can perform the eyebrow lamination treatment at home. Its advantage is the fact that you can laminate eyebrows with this product without any problems, although there are many different bottles and preparations in the set. The effects last up to 4 weeks. It all depends on the thickness and condition of your eyebrows. The price is not high, and the instructions – not complicated. 

The review of the ICONSIGN Brow Lift Lamination Kit

The set contains all the necessary eleements for eyebrow lamination at home. It provides you with less satisfying effects than other sets, and its price is lower, so it certainly pleases everyone who is looking for a cheap set for brow lamination. However, there is one question: maybe it is worth paying a bit more and buying a better brow lift kit?

5. Makeup Revolution Brow Lamination Kit

  • Price – low
  • Efficiency – low (about 8 treatments)
  • Reviews – varied, most often unenthusiastic
  • Effects after lamination – 3 – 4 weeks

Our ranking of products also includes an example of a cheap brow lamination kit. Is it recommendable? Its price is lower than other brow lamination products mentioned here. The effects do not last long – a month at most. It might be fine for some people, especially since the kit is not complicated to use. In the set, there are: adhesive, lifting lotion, fixing product, moisturising serum, brush and brush. When it comes to accessories, it is undoubtedly worth buying a set with individual brushes as each product needs to be applied with a clean applicator. 

The review of the Makeup Revolution Brow Lamination Kit

This cheap eyebrow lamination kit is… not so cheap in reality: fewer applications, low coverage and short-lasting effects mean you use up the kit really quickly. We also have to buy the applicators in addition, which increases the price. However, the set looks nice and the well-known brand stands out, so it had to be take a place in our ranking.

Ranking of eyebrow lamination kits – final score 

Our ranking of popular sets for home eyebrow lamination proves that we don’t need to buy a professional set to achieve spectacular effects in eyebrow lamination DIY. The kit must be easy to use while being safe, also guaranteeing beautiful effects for many weeks. We hope this ranking has helped you find the best eyebrow lamination kit. We wish you good luck with your eyebrow lamination at home!