The most popular hair oils – Meet their precious properties

What are the most popular hair oils? Allow us to introduce the six that come to our mind as first when we hear “hair oiling”. Obviously this is just a small part of what we can find in the natural oils world.

It can be easily said that as many plants with interesting properties, this many oils. From the basic, like argan oil, to those truly bizarre like strawberry seed oil. The gamut is wide and in spite of it there are some propositions, that manufacturers and we are more than keen on using. Meet the six most popular hair oils.


Also called liquid gold of Morocco due to being extracted from kernels of argan tree, which is cultivated in Morocco. Oil has liquid form, light golden colour and costs quite a lot. Mostly because for obtaining 1l of oil are necessary several dozens kilo of the fruits.


Argan oil is perfect for medium porosity hair, which are weak, damaged and require regeneration. It consists of plenty fatty acids omega-6 and omega-9 as well as vitamin E. It has anti-inflammatory and calming action on scalp. When applied on hair, regenerates, strengthens lipid barrier, nourishes and improves hair hydration.


In fact jojoba oil is wax in liquid form. It has light straw-yellow colour and when stored in a fridge it solidifies. It is obtained from jojoba shrub seeds, which is native to southern regions of central America. These seeds are in more than half made of fats.


Natural jojoba oil is recommended for hair and scalp care. Used as a hair mask protects hair structure against unfavourable external factors, moisturises, prevents brittleness and ensures gloss. Rubbed in scalp regulates work of sebaceous glands, eliminates dandruff, calms irritations and limits oily scalp.


The most popular oil according to most women is coconut oil with butter texture. Only over 25 Celsius degrees this white fatty mass becomes liquid. The oil is obtained form the pulp of coconuts harvested from coconut palm.


Coconut oil is mistakenly used as a remedy for damaged hair. It is butter and contains mostly saturated fatty acids, which suit low porosity hair. Coconut oil is responsible for hydration and nourishment. It covers hair with protective layer, that prevents hair from water loss and protects against harmful impact of, for example the temperature.


One of Australian semi-finished products is in fact macadamia oil, extracted from nuts of macadamia tree. At the first sight, it is quite greasy, however, this yellow and brown hair oil has great absorption. What is more, oil has characteristic, strong nutty scent.


Macadamia oil holds plenty unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. This oil is best for medium porosity hair. It is hypo-allergenic and has calming impact on scalp. Inhibits ageing processes in cells, makes hair bouncy and can even protect against unfavourable impact of sun radiation.


The favourite oil of all bloggers, who love it for availability and low price. Castor oil is obtained from seeds of castor oil plant. It can be purchased in any pharmacy. The oil has straw-yellow colour and is very thick and more greasy than any other oil.


Castor oil is believed to be the best oil for hair growth. Rubbed in skin on regular basis can stimulate hair growth even several times, but it also enhances “baby hair” to appear. It provides great gloss, softness and smoother to hair. It can darken hair, so has to be used reasonably.


Oil extracted from the avocado pulp. It is one of more cloudy oils. In low temperature it solidifies, while in a bit higher is liquid, light or dark green oil with large density. Avocado oil has high resilience to temperature.


Avocado oil is absorbed great in the deepest skin layers. It is believed to be the 7 vitamin oil, due to their presence in the composition. It effectively nourishes and moisturises, but also complements lipid barrier. When used on hair, provides strengthening, nourishment and proper hydration. Avocado oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal action, so it eliminates dandruff.