Comparison Review. Nanolash or Revitalsh?

I was often asked to do a review on a Lash Serum several times last year. I thought that it is a good idea but as my friend Jenny was ‘suffering’ from short lashes we have decided to test two completely different Eyelash Serums and compare our results after 3 months’ time. I picked Revitalash because it is fairly popular and many of you were asking about it. Jenny have been using Nanolash as it was recommended on many beauty blogs.

nanolash_vs_revitalashMy experience with RevitaLash:

I was using Revitalsh once a day, usually in the morning before applying my make-up. I need to say that my skin was itching and I found that it was quite harsh on my sensitive eye area. The product itself is quite expensive as I spent $98 – $150 on it and it lasted me exactly 3 months.

  • revitalash2Pros
    Lashes have doubled their length. They are much stronger and shiner. I am very happy with the way my lashes look now. They all grow in the same direction and are nicely curled. I heard that Latisse users complain that their lashes grow like crazy in different directions, which looks chaotic and messy.The colour of my eyes stayed the same. It did not stained my skin and it has a nice fragrance.
  • Cons
    I have experienced itchiness just after the application and it lasted for a few min after.Although my lashes look very long, the serum did not give me the thickening effect I was hoping for.

Jenny’s experience with Nanolash:

The application was carried out every night before going to bed. Jenny says that the product didn’t irritate her skin, no redness, no itchiness. The price for the Serum was 69$ and she has still plenty of the product left.

  • nanolash-eyelash-enhancing-serumPros
    The Nanolash Serum worked equally well as Revitalsh when it comes to lengthening lashes. We did measured our lashes before doing the test and we can say that Nanolash has made them approx. 6 mm longer, which is quite impressive.Jenny had a sparse, thin lashes and now they look as if they doubled in amount. At the end of the second month, more and more small lashes were growing out in the corners of an eye and the rest become thicker and stronger.

    It didn’t turn Jenny’s green eyes brown.Nanolash didn’t paint her lids.

    It was gentle to the skin and lightweight.

  • Cons
    None, if we do not count daily application, which for some may be a pain in the neck.

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