Looking for a Good Quality Heat Protectant for Hair? Here’s Where You Can Find It [RANKING]

Are you looking for a good quality heat protectant to keep your hair safe during blow drying and straightening? In a moment you will find Mr Right for your lovely tresses.

Below you will find five best hand-picked products created to defend your hair against high temperatures. Among them, there are nutrient-rich cosmetics that apart from keeping your hair from frying, they also promote better-looking and healthier strands. 

Why do you need a good quality heat protectant for hair?

It’s not a secret that heat styling contributes to serious hair damage. Before the hot tools make your strands dry, dull and brittle, reach for a heat protection spray. Only this little is needed to defy the heat and enjoy a perfectly-looking hairdo for the entire day.

The variety of heat protectants is pretty large, this can’t be denied. Some people prefer creams, some like balms, whereas others reach for sprays. The latter seems to be the most convenient to use. Another reason why sprays are superior to other forms of heat protection products is that they work for all types of hair. The formula is not supposed to reduce hair volume, which is what makes sprays a top-choice among those with flat and oily hair. 

How to choose a good quality heat protection spray?

Luckily, it’s not difficult to check whether a particular heat protection spray is good for your hair. First, you need to analyze the list of ingredients. If you happen to notice some controversial substances, this probably means that the product you’re looking at may not be right for you. 

Secondly, try to learn if the product offers some extra effects. If a spray does just one thing, which is shield your hair from the heat, then it may be a bit too little. A high quality products offer more, eg. replenish hair with nutrients or promote shine.

RANKING: Best Heat Protectants for Hair

Taking all of this into consideration, we’ve selected five products that offer strong heat protection and deliver additional benefits that you may like.

Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray

#1 PLACENanoil Heat Protectant Spray

Website – www.nanoil.us

Smooth, shiny and strong hair is your goal? If so, you may like Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray. The black spray bottle contains a liquid that is proven to combat heat damage up to 450°F/230°C. The protective coating it creates also shields strands against UV and dry air. Being suitable for all types of hair, Nanoil spray works for fine, thin, normal, thick and even oily hair. To create this strong heat-defying barrier on the hair, you need to apply no more than just four sprays – in case of short hair, you may need even less than that. Silk proteins, which are the key component here, promote smooth and easily manageable hair. Polyquaternium-46 and amodimethicone detangle strands, boost shine and ensure softness. With time, Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray makes hair nourished and moisturized. Lastly, this multi-functional cosmetic creates a natural finish – no clumping, no stiffness.

#2 PLACEKemon AND 13 Heat Protection Spray

This heat protection spray is considered as one of the flagship products launched by the world-famous Italian cosmetic company. Being on the market since the 1950s, Kemon accustomed their clients with their high-end cosmetics designed for hair care. The AND 13 Heat Protection Spray in particular is given one task – shield the hair against high temperatures, making heat styling safer and less invasive. One of the key ingredients responsible for this job is ferulic acid. It protects the hair from getting weaker, working at once as a UV filter. The lightweight formula doesn’t strip volume off, which is good news for those who care for a full-looking style. No matter if applied to dry or wet hair, Kemon AND 13 Heat Protection Spray promotes soft, shiny and elastic strands.

#3 PLACEKerastase Genesis Defense Thermique Treatment

This is a cream-like heat protectant, designed mainly for weak and thinning hair. This professional cosmetic brand aimed at creating a product that would stop the high temperatures from causing splitting, breakage and shine loss. It turns out that Kerastase succeeded at launching a product that is proven to keep hair safe even when exposed to temperatures reaching 440°F/220°C. Even though Genesis Defense Thermique Treatment doesn’t have a liquid form, it isn’t supposed to drag hair down. Instead, it reduces frizz and replenishes water to the hair. Containing coconut oil, ginger root extract and Edelweiss stem cells, the heat protectant leaves hair smoother and resistant to damage. For best results, use with other products from the Genesis Defense Thermique series.

#4 PLACECHI Iron Guard 44 Thermal Protecting Spray

This red-bottle heat protection spray is famous for adding more life to flat and dull hair. Making strands silky-smooth, CHI Iron Guard 44 Thermal Protecting Spray is recommended for those who wish to straighten their naturally curly and wavy hair. Those with frizzy hair should consider CHI Iron Guard their friend too. Composed of hydrolyzed silk, this spray traps water and nutrients inside the hair for a healthier-looking appearance. When used according to the instructions, CHI Iron Guard 44 Thermal Protecting Spray doesn’t drag hair down. Even though the formula is said to be created for use in professional salons, it also delivers promised results when by the unskilled hands.

#5 PLACE Philip B Thermal Protection Spray

This is another cosmetic designed mainly for professional use which, obviously, doesn’t mean that regular users can’t use Philip B Thermal Protection Spray. If you don’t mind spending a bigger amount on a heat protectant, you will be satisfied with what this product can do. The protective coating is lightweight, the product has a lovely aroma and leaves hair beautifully shiny and soft. Formulated with mongongo oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil, this heat protectant moisturizes and prevents splitting. L-amino acid complex is added to the formula to repair damage. Interestingly, Philip B Thermal Protection Spray works wonders on color-treated hair, keeping the color vivid. This effect is owed to lupine peptides that take a good care of colored strands.