MAKE-UP ACADEMIE – Make-up Cosmetics from Bielenda

Bielenda is a brand that for over 20 years manufactures natural cosmetics for face and body. This spring Bielenda releases make-up cosmetics. Bielenda Professional still remains faithful to their believe that complex and safe formula for skin is a formula with natural ingredients. That is why Bielenda Make-up Academie is a line of make-up nourishing cosmetics for skin.


Make-up cosmetics in the offer of the brand known for nourishing products is a great surprise, that was enthusiastically welcomed in make-up artists’ world. Among cosmetics in the Make-up Acadamie line we will find two products: foundation and mist for make-up fix. FIXER MIST is used to preserve make-up and is available in only one version, however we can purchase foundation in three versions (COVER, MATT, LIFT) and each of them has three shades (1-natural, 2-beige, 3-caramel).


Bielenda believes in lasting make-up that will last for many hours. That is why, one of the products in their offer is FIXER MIST. This product from Bielenda Make-up Academie covers skin with transparent protective film. Mist protects skin against harmful atmospheric conditions and makes make-up last longer. It is great for situations when make-up has to remain intact for longer period of time against rubbing off and smudging.

COVER, MATT and LIFT foundation

Proposed by Bielenda foundation is a product that perfectly blends with skin. It is available in three shades and thanks to content of micro-pigments in the formula it matches the skin complexion. Make-up Academie involves three types of foundations, which were designed for most common skin types.

  • COVER foundation – dedicated for combination skin and skin with imperfections and discolourations; provides smoother, cover of imperfections and discolourations and even skin tone; contains vitamin E, that additionally moisturises, smoothers and rejuvenates skin.
  • MATT foundation – dedicated for combination and oily skin; ensures silky finish and even skin tone, but also long lasting matt; enriched with vitamin B3, that regulates sebum secretion and limits skin shine.
  • LIFT foundation – dedicated for every skin type, that lost its natural glow and young look because of, e.g. ageing; combines covering pigments, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, retinol and SERUM+ formula that provides skin care of mature skin and ensures anti-ageing properties.

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