Patch protecting from solar radiation? My UV Skin Patch!

One must not ignore problem connected with harmful action of solar radiation. UV protection is extremely important – it has been proven that UV radiation penetrates our skin even when we relax hidden in the shadow. However, how to develop the habit of applying a sunscreen everyday? Definitely, My UV Skin Patch – a patch informing about the amount of solar radiation reaching skin will help us with this task.

Loreal 1My UV Skin Patch – A small heart-shaped protection

The heart-shaped gadget in a form of a patch by L’oreal Paris is considered as a real innovation of recent weeks. My UV Skin Patch was designed to make protection against harmful solar radiation easier. And the summer sunny days that are coming! It is worth pointing out that the patch itself is not able to provide the shield against the sun, yet it is advanced enough to warn us against excessive sun exposure. This linked with a smartphone application patch will inform us once it detects that sunshine is too high. Thanks to this signal, we will be able to react immediately and apply sunscreen.

How does My UV Skin Patch work?

My UV Skin Patch is a small and thick patch that is composed of 5 photoactive colourant layers. These are the core of the patch manner of working. Thanks to the photoactive agents included into the layers, the item can function and measure strength of UV radiation.

Photosensitive sensors start catching UV radiation and measure their amount right after sticking the patch to skin. The patch is supposed to be attached to a place that is particularly exposed to solar radiation. Small, white-and-blue squares of My UV Skin Patch changes colours once exposed to UV radiation.

The patch itself does not reveal whether the strength of solar radiation is high enough to harm our skin. We need to scan the patch with our smartphone and let it be analysed by a specially designed application. What is surprising, the application and My UV Skin Patch will be available in stores for free – all for spreading the awareness of how dangerous solar radiation might be for a human’s organism.

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