Golden Rose – ICE CHIC Nail Colour

New Year’s manicure bomb from Golden Rose is undeniable the new GR Ice Chic collection in several shades. Locked in glass, cubic bottles with deep colours and glossy finish in version with brocade and without it. Does Ice Chic able to create promised sheet of ice effect on nails?


Golden Rose presented it newest nail polish line at the end of last year. With the upcoming warm seasons in mind, brand came out with the offer of nail polishes in surprisingly wide palette of colours. We can choose out of 82 colours and shades. We will find Ice Chic in shades of beige, pink, violet, brown, red, blue, grey and black. In the offer are Golden Rose Ice Chic nail polishes with sheet of ice effect, but also few brocade polishes. Unfortunately, the choice is poor in green – Golden Rose proposes only Ice Chic in sea-green colour (nr73) and brocade Ice Chic in subtle shade of green (nr 104).


Golden Rose Ice Chic is according to brand line of colourful nail polishes, which will survive on the market thanks to two properties – unusual gloss and long lasting effect without the necessity of top coat. Application of Ice Chic nail polishes will give effect of very smooth and glossy nail plate. Golden Rose compares it to the sheet of ice effect with crystal clear colour.


Golden Rose Ice Chic Nail Colour polishes are placed in glass 0,4 Oz bottles, which with their shape and transparent look resemble ice cubes. It can relate to the name and effect of “icy polishes”. For application dedicated is regular size brush, which may be too thin and small on the nail plate. Ice Chic nail polishes have medium thickness of consistency

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