What the colour of your manicure tells about you?

While choosing the nail polish we always take into account couple of variables – starting with the season of the year and the temperature, through colour and stylisation or occasion to a temper and fettle in the particular day. Most of us have their favourite colours they usually choose. Let’s see what the colour of the fingernails tells about our character.

  1. Nail polish colour: PINK
    Pink colour is often selected by women, who like girly stylisation, accessories and accents. Women with pink nail polish may be childish sometimes, but very often they are protective optimists, who love to have fun.
  2. Nail polish colour: ORANGE
    Bright colours are a domain of optimists. Woman who wears orange nail polish on her nail always sees the glass half full. This woman is creative, has a lot of energy and is not afraid of taking risk.
  3. Nail polish colour: VIOLET
    Violet manicure is a sign of creativity and rich imagination among ambitious people. It is also a domain of people who in their lives follow spiritual guidances, not necessarily related with the religion.
  4. Nail polish colour: GREY
    Grey colour is on the line between black and white, so it’s more willingly chosen by people who have problems with making a decision or are longing for something.
  5. Nail polish colour: BLUE
    All shades of blue are colours of people worth trust, loyal and dependable. Blue manicure can also mean confidence, honesty and very self-conscious women with stable values.Nail polish 1
  6. Nail polish colour: YELLOW
    Every sunny colour is connoted with happiness and luck. Women who wear yellow nail polish want to show that they are optimists, who are not afraid to take life to the fullest. Sometimes it can mean new beginnings.
  7. Nail polish colour: RED
    It is commonly said that red nails are a domain of the passionate and confident women who act on the impulses. Red colour is usually worn by people with hot temper.
  8. Nail polish colour: WHITE
    Perfect white in minimalistic version is a symbol of purity and innocence. Women with white manicure are undoubtedly pedants who love order. Women with this colour on their nails are nice and easily make friends.
  9. Nail polish colour: BLACK
    Black manicure means mystery. Elegance and strength hidden in this colour maybe a sign of person with complicated character and lots of courage.
  10. Nail polish colour: BEIGE
    Nude manicure is a classic very characteristic for intelligent and independent women, who like universal solutions and easy situations. Women with this manicure are friendly and open.
  11. Nail polish colour: GOLDEN
    Golden manicure is very rare. Maybe because golden colour is the colour of the winners, people with natural ambition, sophisticated, with strong motivation and need of rivalry.

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