Manicure according to Rimmel: Nail polishes and Top Coat

Extremely durable, trendy and stunning. That is how you can describe manicure proposition from Rimmel. This brand offers new set of nail polishes with a top coat. Let’s see how you can achieve pretty nails in just couple of minutes.

Sixteen. That is how many new nail polishes Rimmel has supplied us with. Isn’t that number able to please all the girls who above all else value beautiful manicure? They will be delighted with shades of pink, blue and red. And they will certainly jump in excitement when they find out that part of the shades were designed by Kate Moss. However, that is not all. British cosmetic manufacturer adds to it top coat as a present. Thanks to it manicure will be long lasting and resistant to damages, and on top of that, net result will exceed your wildest expectations.

Rimmel 5New nail polishes from Rimmel have thick, but plastic consistency. Wide brush makes possible precise distribution of product on the nail plate. Those two things provide you with intensive and beautiful colour right away. If you want to, you can apply second layer of nail polish. You should remember, though, to apply thin layer of top coat on finished manicure. This way your manicure will be resistant to all kinds of damage and nail polish will not chip during the day. Can you believe that first adjustments are necessary after two weeks?

Manicure with nail polishes from Rimmel is amazingly simple. Prepare nail plate by getting rid of oily layer of the nails, filing them and pushing back cuticles with wooden stick. Next apply two layers of cosmetic. Wait some time for nail polish to dry. Apply top coat and wait couple more minutes. You do not have to use UV lamp to preserve manicure. Both top coat and nail polish will dry on their own, and really quickly for that matter. What is more, those are very easy to remove. You just need to use your favourite nail polish remover. What should you do if you run out of nail polish remover? Try this proven method of make-up artists and beauticians. Prepare cotton pads and colourless nail polish. Apply one layer of product on the nail plate; it will soften remaining layers. Then rub it off with a cotton pad.

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